How To Pull Off An NBA Level Jump

Regardless of whether you’re training to make that one critical jump shot at the end of the basketball game, or simply for your own self-improvement, vertical jump workouts are an excellent way to keep in shape, and add height to your jump. This article will describe three main workouts you can use to increase your jump in time for the next big game.

An example of vertical jumping awesomeness:

The first exercise you should incorporate is the box squat. This is an excellent first choice, as the box squat focuses on strengthening both your leg muscles and your hamstrings. The hamstrings are an essential component to the vertical jump, as they give the tension and springy release you need to make the maneuver successful.

The next exercise you should focus on is the hip flexor stretch. Keeping your hip flexors limber and strong is invaluable to those who vertical jump. Your hips are the solid foundation through which everything happens, and as such, keeping a strong foundation is critical. Stretching those hip flexors will allow them to take the stress of repeated impact as you practice and perform.

Depth jumps are the final exercise you should use to practice your vertical jump. Because they are so uncommon, a bit of an explanation is required. A depth jump occurs when you step off a shallowly raised platform, and explode upward in a jump as soon as you land. This is a superb exercise to condition the entire body to vertical jumps, and will acclimate your muscles to shock and rapid movement you’ll need to keep the edge. Do the previous two exercises first to warm up for this one.

These are just a few of the exercises you can perform to work on your vertical jump. Try them out for favorable results. Check out his article for more info.