Tips For Post-Workout Recovery

Do some stretches

Performing stretches will allow your muscles to relax and this might help to relax the muscles. When you are experiencing DOM then our muscles are tightened and tensed. This feeling of tension actually makes your body feel sore. Gentle stretches will help the tensed muscles relax. For the best stretching exercises you can contact your fitness trainer.

Go for a light massage

Massage post workout

There is more relaxing and soothing like a light massage. When a sore muscle is massaged lightly, blood circulation rises which actually reduces the intense feeling of pain. Massage actually speeds up the recovery process provided you are getting it done from a professional. Your personal fitness trainer in Bondi will tell you about the correct massage techniques.

Make yourself a warm bath

Warm water has a similar effect as a light massage. The water will help relax the tensed muscle with its soft warmth. Blood circulation will be improved and this will help reduce the pain. Enhanced oxygen supply to the limbs through the water will heal your aching muscles effectively.

Apply hot-cold treatment

Ask your Dangerously Fit Bondi-Beach fitness trainers and they will tell you that alternate hot and cold treatments are the best when it comes to healing sore muscles and relieving the body of muscle cramps. You should apply 15 minutes of ice pack followed by 15 minutes of hot pack. So apply these techniques and make sure that you enjoy a pain free existence.